State-of-the-Art Biotech Lab Space

Southern Research’s abundance of resources paired with the navigability of Birmingham’s community creates an unparalleled ecosystem for life science companies to thrive.

Our AmenitieS INCLUDE:

Shared Equipment

24/7 Monitored Freezer Farm

Proximity to Full-Service CRO and Core Facilities

Entrepreneurship Support Programming

24/7 Security and Building Access

Communal Break Room and Wellness Room

Our labs have everything your company needs to move your technology forward. Each private lab includes a biosafety cabinet, a fume hood, storage space, and bench tops.

Shared space equipment includes:

  • 1 Analytical Balance Entris II balance 220G 1MG (Sartorius)
  • 1 Microwave oven (Argos Technologies)
  • 1 Sonicator, Digital, Sonicator 125 Watts (Qsonica)
  • 1 Ice Maker, floor model Ice Maker Flaker (CurranTaylor Scotsman)
  • 2 Stirrer with hot plate, Advanced magnetic hotplate stirrer (VWR)
  • 1 Rocker Platform, Variable speed rocker (VWR)
  • 1 Sterilizer 9L, Benchtop, Benchtop Sterilizers (Heidolph Tuttnauer)
  • 2 Analytical Balance table, Balance table (VWR)
  • 1 Microscope, Fluorescence attachment, AE31E LED Inverted Compound Microscopes ( Motic)
  • 1 Microcentrifuge, Sorvall Legend Micro 21 (Thermo Scientific)
  • 2 Vortexer, Vortex mixer (VWR)
  • 1 Stirrer plate, Advanced magnetic stirrer (VWR)
  • 1 Centrifuge, Benchtop Refrigerated, Sorvall X1 Pro, TX-400 (Thermo Scientific)
  • 2 Carboy, 50L, Round Carboy with Spigot, Narrow Mouth (VWR)
  • 1 Rotator, Digital Mini, Digital Mini Rotators (Thermo Scientific)
  • 2 Refrigerator, single door, TSX Series (Thermo Scientific)
  • 4 Biosafety Cabinets (Class II/Type A), REDISHIP Purifier® Logic®+ Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinets (Labconco®)
  • 2 Utility Cart, General Purpose, 3 shelves (ULINE)
  • 1 Shaker, Digital Microplate Shaker (Thermo Scientific)
  • 4 Incubator CO2/HU, stackable, CellXpert® C170 (Eppendorf)
  • 1 Glassware Washer, Reliance 300XLS (Steris)
  • 2 Freezer (-20C) standing, TSX Series (Thermo Scientific)
  • 4 Incubator CO2, stackable, CellXpert® C170i (Eppendorf)
  • 1 Real Time PCR System, CFX Opus 96 RT-PCR System (Bio-Rad)
  • 2 Ultra Low Temperature (-80oC) standing, TSX ultra-low freezer (Thermo Scientific)
  • 8 Biosafety Cabinets (Class II/Type A), REDISHIP Purifier® Logic®+ Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinets (Labconco®)
  • 1 DNA extractor, Maxwell RSC Instrument (PROMEGA)
  • 18 Ultra Low racks kit, TSX ultra-low freezer (Thermo Scientific)
  • 1 Centrifuge, Superspeed, High-Speed Centrifuge CR22N (Eppenforf)
  • 1 Plate reader, GloMax Discover Mulimode Reader (PROMEGA)
  • 1 pH Meter with electrode, pHenomenal® pH/mV/°C Meter, Bench, pH 1100L/1100LB (VWR)
  • 1 Centrifuge Rotor for SS, 1.5L x 4, 0.5L X 6, 50Ml x 8  fixed angle, (Eppendorf)
  • 1 Helix reagent dispenser, minus 20C, Ambient (PROMEGA)
  • 1 Water bath, 22.5*17.5*12.0 IN, Digital General Purpose Water Baths (VWR)
  • 1 Microscope, Compound, AE31E LED Inverted Microscope (Motic)

Ideal incubation companies are aligned with Southern Research’s focus areas:


  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics
  • Platform Technologies

Therapeutic Areas

  • Oncology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Chronic Disease
  • Heart & Respiratory

Member Companies

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