About Station 41

Station 41 is Southern Research’s dynamic commercialization hub located in Birmingham, AL.

The name Station 41 holds deep significance—capturing both our organization’s rich history and the vibrant spirit of innovation that drives us forward. The number 41 is a tribute to Southern Research’s founding year in 1941; for more than eight decades, we have been at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs, pushing boundaries, and creating lasting impact. The word “station” is a nod to the pivotal role Birmingham played in the growth of the railroad industry.

At Station 41, we embrace the spirit of innovation that has defined Birmingham throughout its history. Just as the city’s trains carried goods and ideas to new destinations, we strive to propel groundbreaking technologies and transformative ideas into the world. We are focused on providing the resources, expertise, and collaborative environment necessary to accelerate innovation and drive commercialization. Our goal is to be a catalyst for progress, enabling our partners to reach new heights of success.

Why We Exist

Reason One


Bioscience is a priority economic opportunity for Birmingham and Alabama. Through new public partnerships like Innovate Alabama and the support of our state, county, and local government, Southern Research is in a position to catalyze our ecosystem and its assets.

Reason Two


Birmingham has the ingredients for a nationally distinctive biotech innovation district with vibrant health-focused startups.

Reason Three


Alabama’s manufacturing prowess, healthcare dynamics, and pharma industry relationships support a vibrant biotech ecosystem.

Southern Research has served as UAB’s chief commercialization engine for decades. We exist to translate science to society, and ultimately to bridge the infamous “Valley of Death”


Our Team

Erik and Lexie are co-leading all aspects of Station 41, with Josh in support.

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